1. Strategic Visioning: Prospering from Pain

    Have you ever felt like one of those trapeze artists who swings through the air and lets go of the bar in trust that the person they are swinging toward will catch them? But they don't. And the trapeze artist free falls through the air as the ground--or net or sandbags--rushes up to meet him or her? Can you imagine what it must feel like physically to free-fall through air arms reaching out, hands…Read More

  2. Strategic Visioning: Behind Every Success…

    Right now, I am terrified. I am sitting in a hotel room in San Diego, CA. In just a few hours I will be chatting it up with the most finacially exclusive group I have ever been affiliated with. All I can see are my inadequacies. Right when I stepped off of the plane, I listened to a voice mail from a bogus collection office about artwork I never asked for. I immediately called my lawyer, spoke wit…Read More

  3. Strategic Visioning: Giving Up Lying

    People are great—and they lie. We lie to keep the peace. We lie to avoid blame. But mostly we lie to survive. Personally. Privately. We lie in order to maintain a story that keeps our sense of self in place. Of course we don't call it lying--that would be rude. We call it kindness or executive decisions, or "it's no big deal" or "I am doing them a favor."  We lie by withholding information and …Read More

  4. Strategic Visioning: Dying to Live

    The "you" you have come to rely on has to die in order for you to live beyond the predictable. The you that has made you successful, even exceptional is great. He/She has created miracles without money, has turn companies and relationships on the brink of disaster around, and has leaped across oceans in one single bound. In street vernacular on could say you are a baddd________(fill in the blank).…Read More

  5. Strategic Visioning: Relax into Your Arrogance

    The strategies that made you successful will bankrupt you relationships. I have spent my entire adult life trying to make it. Get somewhere. Be "somebody." And if you are anything like me, then you know the itch of the "next" accomplishment, the "next" big promotion, the "next" new business. Most of my clients are like me, in that they are high-performers. We believe in winning like some people be…Read More

  6. Courageous Strategic Visioning

    It takes fantastic courage to live life true to your core beliefs and values. The courage it takes to confront your worst fears, tell the truth (especially when your image and credibility are in the mix), and keep taking action that is consistent with what you deem is your destiny can feel like trying to run through mud. Uphill. Wearing iron boots. The kind of courage I am pointing to is not outwa…Read More

  7. Strategic Visioning: Surviving the Death of a Dream

    What do you do when a dream dies? You know the dream--the start-up getting an angel investor; the promise of a promotion that you have worked years to earn; the prelude of a soft smile and tender eyes from across the room every weekday for  over year. That dream. The dream you nurture with time spent away from your children, late nights in front of the computer, or flights to far away lands. The …Read More


    You matter. Here, you will hear truth and let it go to work on you professionally and personally, but most importantly within yourself. I tend to the "human" in human capital and human potential. I use the strategies that got me off the streets at 16 to graduating from Stanford University with a 2nd Masters degree and a Ph.D in hopes of helping leaders of all ilks succeed. So please read, subscrib…Read More

  9. Never Give Up On You!

    Have you ever just wanted to give up? Throw in the towel? Quit? You don't—but you punish yourself on the down-low? You stay, but you stop going to the gym. You participate, but you check your Blackberry while you are sitting in the meeting. You go to the event, but sit by the bar and snacks, make friends with the Apple Martini but ignore your coworkers; you are there but you are really gone. To …Read More

  10. Bullying, Cruelty, & Hope

    I have faith in life after cruelty. Life can be cruel. People are cruel. Sometimes people, including you and I, can be downright malicious, particularly when we are threatened. I think about the bullying that is now becoming a nationally recognized epidemic because of the recent suicides of our youth. Books, programs, and commercials are materializing with regard to anti-bullying in schools. But b…Read More