1. The Power of Your Money Mindset

    If there’s one thing that can scare the bejesus out of strong black women, it’s money. More specifically, the lack of it. The fear of losing it. The dread of not having enough. The anxiety about needing to make more. Because the truth is, it’s deeply embedded within us to PROVIDE for those we love. People live in this kind of fear around money All. The. Time. Regardless of the state of the e…Read More

  2. Moving Past Your Past

    You’re a strong black woman – so why are you still allowing your past to dictate your future? Imagine for a moment: what would it take to move past your past? It doesn’t matter what you’ve been told. It doesn’t matter who has told you. It’s so important to step into your power … to have the mindset of a Black Woman millionaire. Check out this video AND read the transcript, so you tr…Read More

  3. Hitting a Wall? 3 Questions to Discover – or Redefine – Your “WHY”

      Have you ever just been going along, doing your thing, when you hit a mysterious, hard-as-brick “wall” that knocks you to your knees? You’re not alone, girl. This often happens when you’ve been making serious strides: in business, in your level of success, in your income … and then BOOM. You crash. You feel the impact, no doubt. But you’re not sure what you’ve hit. Then, your …Read More

  4. Working Hard Isn’t Enough.

    If I told you exactly what you needed to do, would you do it? In this video, I explain why working hard just isn’t enough, and what you need to do, to get where you want to go. WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “street.” This video may contain adult language. You should also know that I cry, curse, and pray – sometimes in the same breath, too. I had asked my team to "beep" ou…Read More

  5. Are Your Personal Demons Keeping You Stuck?

      Let’s talk about the personal demons that are keeping you from reaching your dreams. Are you allowing them to run the show? If you are, they’re keeping you stuck. Playing small. Kissin’ a!@ to make your paper (I did it too, girl … it’s not a judgment!). They might be keeping you broke. Struggling. My personal demon – the one that’s been with me since childhood – is “not en…Read More

  6. Make More Money, Doing What You’re ALREADY Doing, Differently.

    What if what you’re doing right now won’t LET you make more money? In this video, I talk about how you can shift your thinking about what you do, so you can still harness your gifts, but make more paper.   WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “street.” This video may contain adult language. You should also know that I cry, curse, and pray – sometimes in the same breath, too. …Read More

  7. A Perspective Shift: Your Pain as Preparation

    If you know me, you probably know at least some of my story.   My momma put me out of her house when I was a teen. As a product of the mean streets of Baltimore, by the tender age of 16, staying alive was dependent on people-pleasing, self-sacrifice, and figuring out how to be needed, so I wasn’t so disposable.   The scars from my childhood have not defined my journey, but they’ve sh…Read More

  8. When People CHOOSE, It Will Stick.

    You can get to a million dollars – but will you really enjoy the journey? In this video, I talk about how the best pole-dancing sisters can make 7-figures a month. (It’s true, ya’ll.) But no matter your profession, if you want to make your paper the way YOU want to make it, you’ve got to do this one thing. WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “street.” This video may contain…Read More

  9. You’re NOT an Entrepreneur … Until You DO THIS.

    You didn’t start your business – becoming a badass black entrepreneur – to be broke! You want to be a Black Woman Millionaire. But, sis, are you playing at it – or are you ready to step up and become the wealthy, strong black woman you’re meant to be? Here, I talk about the real difference between being an employee and an entrepreneur. WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “s…Read More

  10. The Key to Black Woman Millionaire Status: Integrity

    So you’ve got big dreams, right? To break the glass ceiling and become part of the 2% of black women millionaires. To live a lifestyle previously reserved for “rich white men” – and to do it on your own terms. To stop worrying about money – for good. I know you do! And I want you to realize them – ALL of those dreams. I want you to be the kind of black entrepreneur, CEO, or business c…Read More