1. The #1 Thing You Must Do to Make Room for Wealth

    I am fully stepping into my destiny. And as I reflect on the journey, if there is one thing I can say that would be useful to YOU right now, it’s this: realize your worth. The world needs you to be who you were uniquely crafted by life to be. You are special, and you have something beautiful—something completely distinct and precious—to give to the world. BELIEVE that. Don’t be afraid to l…Read More

  2. What EXACTLY Is Money?

    One of the biggest lessons I have learned is this: money is energy, not effort. This realization was HUGE for me. I always thought if I worked hard, I would make more. So as a professor, I took on mentoring students, being on multiple committees, and teaching summer classes under the auspices of “proving” my worth to “the powers that be.” I sincerely believed that if my deans and peers saw…Read More

  3. Ready to Trade Hustling for Trusting, So You Can Manifest?

    I remember the first time I learned to trade my hustle for my trust in God. It was when I was in the process of buying my first “big-money” home. I had already choked once when I found one for just around $600k. #realtalk: I was so used to “hustlin” … “makin’ it happen” … that I truly COULD NOT just let it be easy. So I let my fear stop me. See, I had been conditioned to work HAR…Read More

  4. Are You Manipulating Manifesting?

    Most people get it wrong when it comes to manifesting. Manifesting is not about affirmation or intention. It’s not prayer or visioning. And it’s not Law of Attraction. All of the above listed modalities are amazing and work really well, yes. I know. I use them every day. But manifesting, at least the way it has shown up in my life, is not rooted in the “positive.” No. Not at all. Manifesti…Read More

  5. It’s Time to Go Back to School—for a Different Kind of Education!

    #Realtalk: It’s time to get into the 21st century by upgrading your most valuable asset—YOU!!! It’s time for you to go back to school— a different kind of school. The kind that offers a different kind of education! It’s a new day! Globalization, the new economy, and the Internet have changed the face of education, along with the value we assign to it. The traditional education model for …Read More

  6. Want Success? Break Some Rules!

    Last week, we brought creativity back to your business! We covered how “doing it ‘right’” in order to be successful can actually hold you back, and how infusing your business with creativity can make ALL the difference. (You can read that post here.)   This week, let’s take a deeper look at that “core failure” wound we’ve been talking about … because sis, it’s DEEP!!! It’s H…Read More

  7. Counteracting Failure with Creativity

    Last week, we talked about failure. Specifically, about how failure is NOT an indication of your worth, but actually, a crucial part of the path to your seven-figure destiny. (You can read it here.) What we didn’t talk about was HOW we learn that we are failures—where that wound comes from. It’s a fair question. I think about my clients—smart, passionate, committed, beloved Type A personal…Read More

  8. Failing—A Blessing in Disguise

    It’s that time of year again … parents everywhere are shopping for supplies and clothes for their kids to go back to school … adults are gearing up to continue their education (IF they allowed themselves a summer break!).   I’ve always been a proponent of continuous education. That’s part of why I became a professor, and why I continued my education pretty much my entire life. Now, as y…Read More

  9. REAL Independence Requires Financial Freedom

    We ALL want our independence. Right? But REAL independence requires financial freedom. So how the hell do we get there? To that place of true independence and freedom? Here’s my advice: You let go and let God. Money is a heart condition. You’ve GOT to let go of the control. When you have faith that God has your back—that God has a PLAN for you—you can trust the process, no matter what you…Read More

  10. The Black Woman Millionaire’s Biggest Block to Success

    Last week, I met about 150 of my sisters in my delicious Dallas, TX for The Black Woman Millionaire Transformational Experience™. And let me just say … I nailed that name, y’all!!! Because it WAS transformational. Deeply, beautifully transformational. And I’m just gonna say it, girl … I looked AMAZING!! I am rebranding—I’m creating a sufficient condition to move from the Internet to …Read More