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  1. You’re NOT an Entrepreneur … Until You DO THIS.

    You didn’t start your business – becoming a badass black entrepreneur – to be broke! You want to be a Black Woman Millionaire. But, sis, are you playing at it – or are you ready to step up and become the wealthy, strong black woman you’re meant to be? Here, I talk about the real difference between being an employee and an entrepreneur. WARNING: Keep in mind: I am bilingual. I speak “s…Read More

  2. The Key to Black Woman Millionaire Status: Integrity

    So you’ve got big dreams, right? To break the glass ceiling and become part of the 2% of black women millionaires. To live a lifestyle previously reserved for “rich white men” – and to do it on your own terms. To stop worrying about money – for good. I know you do! And I want you to realize them – ALL of those dreams. I want you to be the kind of black entrepreneur, CEO, or business c…Read More

  3. This One Mistake Can !@#$ Your Reputation.

    As a business mentor, I’ve seen strong Black Women forget that they’re strong – they end up breaking agreements in their business trying to be somebody they’re not. If you want to be a black woman millionaire – act like one. Honor what you said you’re going to do! Because if you make this mistake, you’ll keep yourself from the success you deserve.   Check out this video and read th…Read More

  4. {Strategy} What do you REQUIRE to make money?

    I love working with powerful black women: my 7-figure sisters in the making. And one of my favorite questions to ask them as a professional business coach is: What do you REQUIRE to make money? When I was coming up off the streets, I needed five single $100 bills in an envelope under my mattress or at the top of a closet to feel safe. If I don’t feel safe, I can’t make money. Of course, as I…Read More

  5. {Video} What Would It Take for You to Stand on Your OWN Feet?

    As a black women business coach, I have seen this happen WAY too often with clients. Brilliant, strong Black women who are hungry for 7-figure success stay stuck and struggling because of this one thing. This block is SO important when it comes to motivating Black women to step out and trust themselves! Check out this video AND read the transcript, so you truly absorb this lesson.  This could be…Read More

  6. {Strategy} Are you letting the pain of your past control you today?

    Today, I’m sharing the story of how I once let pain from my past kill my cash flow. For the first two years of my business, when I was still learning EVERYTHING, I supplemented my meager university paycheck with speaking and consulting opportunities. This was how I could take the skills I already had (my background is in theatre, and as a tenured professor, I spoke multiple times a week in fron…Read More

  7. {7-Fig Strategy} w.o.w.

    My agents scheduled a call with a BIG publishing house for my book deal. w.o.w. #thisisreallyhappening I have been in a quiet panic for a while now. The day I found out about the call, I felt the panic washing over me. And then I heard me talk to me in an inner voice I have NEVER used. I said to my self, my survival, my fear, my insecurities, my worthlessness, “I REFUSE to doubt God.” It was a…Read More

  8. (Strategy) I didn’t realize this… until now…

    My Nanna came to be with Lisa and me over the weekend. We even met up with my very first champion, Scott. It was his vision for my life that supported me to trust God and become a Black businesswoman. This weekend was full circle. I realized, while enveloped in love and support, that I was healing. I realize that I am in mourning. The old dream has died. The old me has completed the task. For year…Read More

  9. {Strategy} Dear Beloved…

    I love you. I know you have been hurt since they said no… I know you have been scared since the election. I know you want to do your very best, but feel inadequate. I know you feel guilty because you couldn’t make things work for everyone. I know your trust is low and you’re afraid of being disappointed.   I know that on a deep level you feel hopeless. I know you are scared you can’t hav…Read More

  10. {Strategy} Worth or Worthy: Which runs YOU?

    My agents are sending my book proposal to editors starting this week.   Lisa and I will fly out to meet with editors in NYC mid-February. The book will be sold by the end of February.   I consider myself a strong black woman. Not “strong” in the made-of-steel kind of way. But strong in the sense of creating a Black business from nothing by my pain.   Yet after talking with my agents, I fel…Read More